Emergency Services

    Emergency Services

    We understand that having toothache is a very unpleasant experience and that our patients need access to us in the event of an unexpected emergency. We are highly skilled to quickly diagnose and treat such dental emergencies as dental abscesses, wisdom teeth problems and fractured teeth, so that you can be quickly relieved of any pain or discomfort you are experiencing.
    You may feel free to pick-up contact us on our emergency contact numbers 9820074345 or 9833947993 right away for urgent pain relief .We understand that pain situations are unplanned & unpredictable so we have set aside appointments during each working day specifically for patients with emergency dental pain. At busy times, those appointments may have been taken. You will then be offered the next available emergency appointment. If this is not convenient you will be offered an alternative emergency service.

    Avulsed or knocked out tooth?

    Getting to a dentist within 30 minutes can make the difference between saving and losing a tooth If it is a first (deciduous) “baby” tooth there is no need to place the tooth back in to the socket as this may damage emerging permanent teeth.

    If it is a permanent tooth, and the root is intact, lightly wash the tooth in water or milk to remove visible dirt.

    Do not touch the root of the tooth at all then replace the tooth into the socket as soon as possible. The sooner this can be done the better the prospects the tooth will survive.

    If it is not possible to replace the tooth in to the socket then place the cleaned tooth in a container of milk and take it with you to the dentist immediately.