Restorative Dentistry

Speciality Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

Direct Tooth-coloured Fillings

There are alternative, natural-looking materials to conventional metallic fillings made from porcelain and composite resins, which are coloured to match natural tooth enamel. These are minimally invasive, directly bonded on to the tooth structure and virtually undetectable. Direct Composite fillings on your back teeth are the best solution when you develop a cavity, and need to restore the tooth to its former glory!

Dental Inlays & Onlays

Dental inlay & onlay are conservative, dental laboratory prepared restorations that preserves as much of your healthy, natural tooth structure as possible while strengthening the tooth.
Inlays are used on a tooth that has a large filling in it or a large amount of decay where added build-up and reinforcement of the tooth is needed.
Onlays/Overlays are used to add a biting platform when the biting area has been eroded or lost. As a part of modern adhesive dentistry, we deliver metal-free ceramic inlays/onlays due to the superior strength, durability and its life-like characteristics.

Ceramic Inlay

Ceramic Onlay


1st appointment

The tooth is prepared in a specific design and an impression of the same is made& sent to the lab.

2nd appointment

The lab fabricated restoration is adhesively bonded to the tooth as to replace the lost tissue and reinforce the integrity of the tooth.

Ceramic/ Metal free Crowns and Bridges

Metal-free crowns and bridges can be an effective and minimally-invasive treatment option for patients who have missing or badly damaged teeth. At Smile Matters, all crowns are made of Ceramic and look every bit as natural, leaving no black line at the gum level as seen with some traditional crowns.