Teeth Whitening

    Cosmetic Dentistry

    Teeth Whitening

    A simple tooth whitening can instantly glamourize your smile!
    An easy, fast and safe smile makeover can be achieved with our at-home or in-office treatment packages.

    Common Causes of Tooth Discolouration :
    • Staining due to medicines (such as Iron or Tetracycline)    
    • Staining due to mild Fluorosis (excess Fluoride in drinking water)
    • External Stains due to tea, coffee, smoke or wine   
    • Age-related darkening of the teeth

    In-Office Tooth Whitening

    At Smile Matters, we have the ZOOM Advanced Power whitening system which is the world’s number one light activated system for in-office treatment.

    Highlights :
    • Completely Safe & Painless procedure
    • Predictably Fantastic results in shorter treatment time
    • One visit procedure lasting about 90 minutes
    • Active agent is Hydrogen Peroxide which is light-activated to break up tough stains
    • Teeth are typically whitened by about six to ten shades
    • The overall effect brightens and illuminates your natural smile
    • A Gel-tray prescribed Home bleaching kit comes complimentary with zoom.

    At-Home Tooth Whitening

    Impressions for Custom-fit trays will be made and the whitening gel along with the trays will be delivered to you within 2 days. We will select the the perfect concentration of the gel to be prescribed and methods of use will be demonstrated. The procedure is monitored by us periodically with recall visits.In this way you can easily achive your most picture perfect smile according to your convenience at home, while watching TV, reading, sleeping or unwinding.

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